Mamma Italia-Plakat von Lucia Amaddeo (DIN A2)

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Plakat DIN A2
Offset-Druck auf Affichen-Papier, 115 g/m2 

Klimaneutraler Druck
Made in Germany

Sofort verfügbar / Lieferzeit: 3–5 Werktage


Artwork von Lucia Amaddeo 

Lucia Amaddeo 
Italian architect and food designer with a passion for drawing and illustration.

She works organically in the field of architecture and food design using drawing as a communication tool. Drawing became for her a method of deconstruction of reality in surfaces, textures and lines to be transformed into a world of dreams and magic.

Her studies, first at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio in Switzerland and at TU Delft in the Netherlands and then at SPD in Milan, have greatly influenced her drawings, including color compositions, perspectives and spaces where the human figure is often absent or simply hinted at.

Instagram: @lucia.amaddeo

59,4 cm
42 cm
Offset-Druck auf Affichenpapier, 115g/m2


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