Postkarte „Tutto Penne“ von Malena Guinet
  • Postkarte „Tutto Penne“ von Malena Guinet

Postkarte „Penne“ von Malena Guinet

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Format: DIN A6
PEFC™ Offset-Papier
ca. 350g/m2

Made in Germany
Klimaneutraler Druck


Malena Guinet is a french-ecuadorian illustrator, graphic designer and art educator based in Germany. She studied Communication Design (BA) and currently completes her last year in Art Education (MA). Her practice is located at the intersection of those areas as she values timeless and accessible design as much as impactful art education projects.

Malena is passionate about celebrating food, comfort, crafts and enjoys combining analog and digital approaches with a passion for color combinations and shapes. Due to her multicultural background and current studies, she also dedicates herself to topics such as identity, museology and cultural heritage.



10,5 cm
14,8 cm
Klimaneutraler Druck
350g/m2 Offset weiß PEFC™

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